So your vehicle is in one of our impound lots.

We understand that having a vehicle in an impound lot due to an accident, Private Property Impound or being impounded by law enforcement can be frustrating. Things to know:

We do not set the rates on Rotation Calls or Private Property Impounds. The Law Enforcement agency that was evolved or presides over the area like LPD, PCSO, FHP, ETC. set the rates so that whichever towing company receives the call the cost will be the same with the exception of mileage from the scene to the impound yard. We strictly abide by the rates set by the governing law enforcement agency.

Understand that the answer to your question may not be what you want to hear. Our office personnel can only give you the answer that they have. They can not give you any legal advice nor can they answer questions regarding other vehicles involved in a wreck. While in the impound yard you are only permitted to view your vehicle and take pictures of your vehicle. Any attempt to access or take pictures any other vehicle will be cause for you to be removed and you will not be permitted on the property again.

NOTE: When cleaning out your vehicle. 
You can remove anything that is not attached by Wire, Bolt or any other fastener Other than your Tag. This is including but not limited to Stereo Equipment, Rims, Battery, ETC. You will need to get with your insurance company to get them once they remove the vehicle from the impound lot.
Also, while removing your belongings nothing is to be thrown out on the ground. Any trash is to be left in the vehicle or taken with you. Trash or items left on the ground will be placed back in the vehicle and a labor clean up charge may be charged to either the registered owner or the insurance company.

Office Hours are Monday – Friday 8AM-5PM.
All PAYMENTS are CASH ONLY for Impounded Vehicles. No Exceptions.

Required to access or pick up the vehicle.
The Registered Owner must be present with Government Issued ID
Proof of Ownership (Either the Registration or Title)
If the Registered Owner is not available they must provide a Notarized Statement naming the person attempting to access.
Also need by named person(s) would be a Government issued ID as well as a legible copy of government issued ID of owner and proof of ownership listed above
If picking up vehicle you must pay in cash and have exact change.

NOTE: Any access outside of office hours requires the following, and a wait time for someone to escort you to the vehicle may happen. Depending on what is happening at the time, wait time may be over an hour. It is recommended to go during business hours as not to incur a gate fee and extensive wait times. We will not dispatch to office for release of belongings or vehicles until the registered owner or designee is present with proper documents & fees in cash.
The Registered Owner must be present or person requesting access
After Hours Gate Fee: $50.00 CASH ONLY
A Photo ID 
Registration or Title issued by the state in the name of the person wanting access
NON-Owner requires:
Notarized Statement, Legible Copy of Government Issued ID as well as Proof of Ownership (Title or Registration)

If picking up vehicle you must pay in cash and have exact change. After Hours will not have any change.

NO ACCESS will be granted without required documents & Fee if outside of regular business hours.
Government Issued ID
Registration or Title issued by the state to the Registered Owner who is present or has provided a Notarized Statement & Legible copy of Government Issued ID