Impounds Info


So your vehicle is in our impound yard. This page is to guide you through the impound process be it through an accident, PPI (Private Property Impound) or police call of another sort.

Okay. First of all the registered owner needs to be involved in retrieval of the vehicle or its belongings. The registered owner is the person or persons printed on the title or registration by the state. If the registered owner is not available or vehicle has an open title then things get a bit tricky. You will either need that person present or they will need to provide you with a “Notarized Letter” stating their name allowing your name to pick up that (Year. Make, Model & Color) vehicle. Without this Notarized Letter you will not be able to access the vehicle at all.

My vehicle is totaled what can I remove from it? (Can I take the battery, stereo, Rims and tires… ETC) The answer is no. The only things that can be removed are personal items and any items not attached by bolt or wire. To retrieve the items that are bolted or wired to the items let your adjuster or insurance company know the things you want and when they remove the vehicle from our impound lot then they can give you access to remove the items.

Charges are set by the police department that was involved at the scene. They do this so that no matter what wrecker company comes to the scene the rates are the same with the exception of mileage from the scene to the storage yard. To get the charges on your vehicle please call between the hours of 8am – 5:30pm mon.-fri. (Mulberry Lot 5pm) and 9am-4:30pm Sat (Mulberry Lot Closed Sat). They are also the regular pick up hours. If not within the regular pick up hours you may be charged a $50.00 gate fee.

When you arrive at the storage lot you will need:
1- A Photo ID (Drivers license, State issued ID card, School or work ID)
2- Proof of ownership (Registration, Title, Insurance Card or Paperwork)
3- The payment in cash. We only accept cash for impound vehicles. No checks, Credit or debt cards.
Always call ahead to get the current total as this changes daily.
Again the registered owner must be present or the person going to the impound lot must have a Notarized letter from the registered owner stating that they can deal with the vehicle. Be it picking up the belongings, tag, vehicle, or releasing the vehicle to the insurance company.